5 Easy-To-Miss Digital Marketing Mistakes Blogs Make 

There is no denying of the fact that, in this digital era, consumers or audiences spends most of their time online. In this respect, a business might plan to provide valuable content for their site. However, even after providing valuable content, it is not ranking.

Well, a digital marketing company Toronto fells that content may not rank because of some mistakes. With the digital landscape marketers needs to use right SEO and content marketing strategies.

Only when the best SEO practices are leveraged, mistakes in blogs can be easily avoided in this blog, one will get to learn about the five common mistakes which are made in blogs.

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5 Common Mistakes

  • Unoptimized Keyword Structure

In regards to semantic search, keyword research has taken a backseat. Still, it is considered to be an important SEO tactic or internal content marketing campaign. On-site content must be linked by keyword and topic so that users can easily navigate across the site and find out the relevant content.

A digital marketing company Toronto states that for on-site blogs, focus should be placed on long tail keyword phrases. Without keyword research a business won’t learn about their audience nor know what to write for them. Hence, meta tags, content with target keyword phrases must be optimized.

  • Inconsistent internal Links

Although, backlinks remain still crucial for search engine ranking, through strategic internal linking magic can be reaped. Just providing many internal links every blog post is not enough.

It is crucial to carry out an internal link audit and take a note of the pages that carries more authority. Internal links of one page can be used to link other valuable pages. It can help in distributing authority throughout the domain. For example, website owners can take the help of digital marketing company Toronto to cut down the number of links among each blog post and home page in order to evenly distribute the link juice throughout the domain.

  • Poor Page Copy

Content should always be written for the readers. On-site content is not about showing one’s language skills but for building awareness. Hence, informational content in the form of tips can provide a great value.

Consistent content can help a business to establish brand value and as an authority in respective niche. In order to create interest, a powerful headline can be used. Care should be taken to make the content appealing so that reader stays on the site.

  • Unoptimized Images and Videos

Digital marketers often miss out image and video optimization for search results. Failing to do this can have a negative effect on load time. It is very important to optimize alt txt images along with the keywords. Images should be used in the form of .jpg and .png.

Digital marketing company Toronto feels that a video sitemap should be created so that all videos can be viewed by search engines. The meta description for video pages should be also optimized.

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  • Poor Content Promotion

Failing to promote content properly can affect the success of a business. Only when great quality content is promoted and optimized it can attract links, traffic and rank high across search engines.

Digital marketing company Toronto should work in synch with content team in order to avoid optimization and ranking issues. Failing to do that can affect a business seriosly