Why is it illegal to consume marijuana in Toronto?

Multiple studies have confirmed that its effects are less harmful than those of tobacco use for the human body and that its social consequences are markedly less negative than those of alcohol consumption? Why is the cultivation of this plant prohibited if it is proven that it can provide multiple benefits from a medicinal level?

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There is a considerable amount of scientific evidence based on animal research and studies on people that indicate that being exposed to marijuana during development can cause long-term or possibly permanent changes in the brain. Rats that have been exposed to THC before birth, just after birth or during adolescence, show noticeable problems later in life when performing certain specific memory and learning tasks. Cognitive impairment in adult rats that have been exposed to THC during adolescence is associated with structural and functional changes in the hippocampus. Studies in rats have also shown that being exposed to THC during adolescence is related to changes in the gratification system, increasing the possibility that the animal searches for and uses other drugs on its own (for example, heroin) given the opportunity. Diagnostic imaging studies in adolescents show that when compared to those who do not use marijuana, heavy cannabis user’s manifest stunted neural connectivity in certain specific regions of the brain involved in a wide range of executive brain functions such as memorizing, learning and self-control.

What do you need to know if you plan to buy legal Marijuana in Toronto as of 2019?

Adults over 21 are preparing for something they could never have done in Toronto before: legally buy marijuana from Marijuana Clinic Canada for recreational use.

But with the new rules coming into effect on January 1, the police tell the research team of our sister chain NBC 7 that the law has already brought confusion about what is allowed and what is illegal.

  • Marijuana will be legal in Toronto, but not at the border

The only stores that can sell marijuana to patients who are not doctors are state and local licensed Marijuana clinic Canada.

Consumers can only own up to an ounce of cannabis or up to eight grams of cannabis concentrate (wax in vape cartridges, fragments, oil, etc.)

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If you are stopped and agents discover unsealed products outside the trunk of your car, you could be cited or arrested.

  • Risks of marijuana and your immigration status

The use of marijuana in a car is strictly prohibited, both for drivers and passengers. Police said that if a driver is arrested and the use of marijuana is suspected, drug recognition experts will be called during a traffic stop to determine if you are under the influence.

According to state law, it is illegal to transport marijuana products out of state.

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Growing your marijuana is legal, but it has its restrictions. Plants cannot be grown in backyards unless they are in a closed structure out of public view.

What Is Rick Simpson Oil?

A lot of buzz has been created over the use of RSO oil. RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is obtained from cannabis extract of a medical marijuana plant. It is claimed that the oil is able to treat cancer and many other health conditions. However, some part of the medial fraternity is refuting this claim. Well, the truth behind the usefulness of Rick Simpson Oil for sale is a topic of huge debate. However, before coming to any conclusion, it is important to do a careful research from one’s end.

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What is RSO Oil?

RSO makes use of cannabis extract which can be applied topically or taken orally. The oil is obtained by dissolving the flower buds in the solvent. The solvent containing cannabinoids need to be boiled to get the oil.

How is the Oil produced?

Many people suffering from cancer is getting hold of Rick Simpson Oil for sale. However, as cannabis cultivation is illegal in certain countries, getting hold of the oil is not that easy. Even if they get hold of a Rick Simpson Oil, it can pinch their pocket. For this reason, many people are trying to make the oil on their own.

In order to make the Rick Simpson Oil in their backyard, one needs to be very careful.

The buds of the plant are placed in a container, to which alcohol or the solvent is added. After that, the mixture is stirred and crushed. After a certain point of time, the solvent is drained out from the mixture. Once drained completely, the mixture is heated.

It would leave behind dark color oil which is usually thick in consistency. Once the oil is obtained, it should be pumped into a bottle or applicators.

Typically, the availability of Rick Simpson Oil for sale can vary. In a single syringe, RSO can come with around 600mg of THC. However, it can vary depending on the plant from which it has been made.

Rick Simpson Oil is produced from the Indica strain plant as it can offer a high amount of THC. However, other strains can also be used. Hence, based on the plant strain, the consistency and the color of the oil will depend. Hence, one can get light amber colored oil with slimy consistency; or dark colored oil with thick consistency.

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Knowing Rick Simpson                        

The pioneer behind RSO cannabis oil is Rick Simpson. Before going to purchase Rick Simpson Oil for sale, you must know that Rick Simpson is a leading marijuana activist who has been fighting so that the oil gets a legal status.


In order to use RSO correctly, 60gms of RSO should be consumed over a span of 90 days. 3 doses should be taken each day for the first week. The dose should be as small as the size of a half rice grain. On the completion of first week, the dose should be doubled every four days. In this way, after 3-4 weeks the dose would be in the form of a full gram of rice. It should be continued till full dose gets completed.

Get hold of Rick Simpson Oil for sale and reap immense benefits. However, one should always consult their doctor before taking the oil.