What Is Rick Simpson Oil?

A lot of buzz has been created over the use of RSO oil. RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is obtained from cannabis extract of a medical marijuana plant. It is claimed that the oil is able to treat cancer and many other health conditions. However, some part of the medial fraternity is refuting this claim. Well, the truth behind the usefulness of Rick Simpson Oil for sale is a topic of huge debate. However, before coming to any conclusion, it is important to do a careful research from one’s end.

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What is RSO Oil?

RSO makes use of cannabis extract which can be applied topically or taken orally. The oil is obtained by dissolving the flower buds in the solvent. The solvent containing cannabinoids need to be boiled to get the oil.

How is the Oil produced?

Many people suffering from cancer is getting hold of Rick Simpson Oil for sale. However, as cannabis cultivation is illegal in certain countries, getting hold of the oil is not that easy. Even if they get hold of a Rick Simpson Oil, it can pinch their pocket. For this reason, many people are trying to make the oil on their own.

In order to make the Rick Simpson Oil in their backyard, one needs to be very careful.

The buds of the plant are placed in a container, to which alcohol or the solvent is added. After that, the mixture is stirred and crushed. After a certain point of time, the solvent is drained out from the mixture. Once drained completely, the mixture is heated.

It would leave behind dark color oil which is usually thick in consistency. Once the oil is obtained, it should be pumped into a bottle or applicators.

Typically, the availability of Rick Simpson Oil for sale can vary. In a single syringe, RSO can come with around 600mg of THC. However, it can vary depending on the plant from which it has been made.

Rick Simpson Oil is produced from the Indica strain plant as it can offer a high amount of THC. However, other strains can also be used. Hence, based on the plant strain, the consistency and the color of the oil will depend. Hence, one can get light amber colored oil with slimy consistency; or dark colored oil with thick consistency.

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Knowing Rick Simpson                        

The pioneer behind RSO cannabis oil is Rick Simpson. Before going to purchase Rick Simpson Oil for sale, you must know that Rick Simpson is a leading marijuana activist who has been fighting so that the oil gets a legal status.


In order to use RSO correctly, 60gms of RSO should be consumed over a span of 90 days. 3 doses should be taken each day for the first week. The dose should be as small as the size of a half rice grain. On the completion of first week, the dose should be doubled every four days. In this way, after 3-4 weeks the dose would be in the form of a full gram of rice. It should be continued till full dose gets completed.

Get hold of Rick Simpson Oil for sale and reap immense benefits. However, one should always consult their doctor before taking the oil.

Alzheimer’s treatment: The Different Medical Solutions

Alzheimer’s is considered to be a chronic neurodegenerative disease which gets worse overt time. People who suffer from this disease experience difficulty in remembering things. However, as the disease progresses, the conditions worsen and the affected person might face problem with their speech, language, lack of motivation, or even mood swings. At a later period of life, a person might face difficulty in taking proper care of them. Hence, as soon the symptoms of Alzheimer get noticed, one should not wait and go for Alzheimer’s treatment immediately.


Alzheimer’s Treatment

If one follows the medical journals closely, one would get to know that there is no permanent cure for Alzheimer’s. However, with the help of certain drugs and various therapies, the disease could be kept under control. Good news is that numerous medical studies are being carried out so that the progression of the disease can be reduced to a great extent if not reversed.



The disease is very complex one and there is no solid proof that a specific drug or therapy will be able to treat a person successfully. Thus, while providing treatment to an Alzheimer patient care is taken so that the mental function or behavioral symptom is kept under control.

Treating Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s

For mild to moderate level of Alzheimer’s treatment, medications like cholinesterase inhibitors are provided. This drug has shown to reduce the symptoms of the disease as well as control behavioral symptoms. Basically, the drug prevents the breaking down of the rain chemical known as acetycholine which is associated with memory and thinking. Hence, the symptoms don’t get worse fast.

Another medicine which has been approved by the FDA for treating Alzheimer is the use of memantine drugs for taking care of the cognitive symptoms. It has been seen that when the disease progresses, brain cells die and connections with other cells gets lost. Thus, the cognitive symptom gets worsened. The drugs can preserve the symptoms for certain period of time.


Severe Alzheimer’s

For severe level of Alzheimer’s treatment, going for drugs like Namzaric can be very useful. The toxic effect gets blocked which is mostly associated with excess amount of glutamate. Thus, prevents the breakdown of the chemical acetylcholine in brain.

alzheimer's treatment

Dugs Can Lose Their Effect

Numerous studies have shown that the drugs which are usually prescribed for mild to moderate level of Alzheimer, gradually lose their effect. It mainly happens due to lesser amount of acetylcholine.


Other Forms of Treatment

If someone is looking for natural or alternative forms of Alzheimer’s treatment then it would be better if one opts for medical marijuana. Studies have shown that medical cannabis contains important compounds like THC and CBD in them. These compounds are responsible for slowing down the production of beta-amyloid protein. When the production gets lowered, the condition of a person won’t get deteriorated.

It is being hoped that by availing different types of Alzheimer’s treatment, the life of the affected person would improve greatly. Instead of leading a bleak life, the affected person could stay with their family and not in any hospital.