Founded in 1989, the Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia (LDANS), is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to unlocking the potential of those with learning disabilities. The Association offers support, advocacy, and referral services to children, parents, professionals and others dealing with learning disabilities.

Mission Statement

To provide leadership in learning disabilities education, programs, research, and advocacy to advance the full participation of children, youth, and adults with learning disabilities in Nova Scotia.

LDANS is affiliated with the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada.

What does LDANS do?

Assists individuals with learning disabilities and their families in meeting their expressed needs by:

  • Providing support, guidance and resource information
  • Providing the opportunity to network and share information

Furthers educational, social, medical, vocational and employment opportunities for Nova Scotians with learning disabilities.

Creates public awareness of learning disabilities by informing the public of the issues and challenges faced by people with learning disabilities. Provides programs and services to individuals with learning disabilities and their families.

LDANS Impact Areas

Public Awareness and Advocacy

To provide programs that meet the needs of persons with learning disabilities and create a greater awareness and understanding of LD.

  1. Resource Centre
    • Intake referrals from parents, consumers and professionals
    • Resource library: books, videos and books on tape
    • Web site: http://www.ldans.ca
    • LDANS Nova News – spring, fall and winter newsletter
    • Brochures, journals, reading materials
  2. Symposia/workshops
    • Educational workshops for parents and professionals
    • Inservices
  3. Fund-raising events and special projects
  4. Consultation and Advocacy Roles
  5. Public Awareness Campaigns

School Age Children

To promote to develop early recognition, diagnosis, treatment and appropriate educational, social, recreational and career oriented programs for students with learning disabilities.

  1. Representation on Advisory Committees
  2. Parent information and workshops
  3. LINKS Literacy Program – after school program
  4. Professional development opportunities
  5. Special projects
  6. Resource Library


To determine the needs of adults with learning disabilities to develop services to meet those needs.

  1. Inservices to agencies working with adult consumers
  2. Resource Library

Who runs LDANS?

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Board of Directors Members

LDANS is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of LD related professionals and parents. We are dedicated volunteers/staff concerned about learning disabilities. We address the belief that parents, professionals, educators – those with LD, working together can solve the complex challenges of learning disabilities. The perspectives and interests of these groups are represented among our members, Board of Directors, advisory council and staff – many of whom are professionals in the field, parents, or adults with LD.

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Resource Centre Staff Profiles

LDANS has three staff members running its provincial resource centre:

  • Marilyn O’Neil: Executive Director
  • Beth Baker: Literacy Program Coordinator
  • Kristie Myers: Administration Coordinator

Who supports LDANS?

LDANS is funded through private, corporate and foundation donations, provincial government grants, membership fees and fund raising activities. All donations are gratefully accepted.

Who are LDANS’ members?

LDANS membership base is comprised of parents, families, professionals and adults with learning disabilities. For more information on the benefits of becoming a member please visit our membership page!