8 Reasons Why Teens Try Alcohol and Drugs

Adolescence or teenage is considered to be the most sensitive time. Teens at this age try to seek out new things. It has been seen that teens believe in living in the current moment and not taking into consideration the ramification of their action. For instance, they don’t think that in their urge to try out drugs or alcohol, they can become severely addicted to the substance.

Hence, according to some studies conducted by alcohol treatment centres, it was found that average use of drugs or alcohol use is when the teenager is around 13 to 14 years of age. Many parents even start to think that the upbringing of their children might not be correct. However, one needs to keep in mind that it’s not true.

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Reasons to Take Drugs or Alcohol

In fact, there is no single reason behind teenagers taking drugs or alcohol. However, some important issues which are influencing teenagers to take drugs or alcohol are mentioned below. They are:

Peer Pressure

It is considered to be one of the most important influences behind a teenager taking drugs or alcohol. Often, a teenager gets influenced by his/her friends.

Feeling Adults

Medical detox Toronto points out teenagers try to act like adults. As a result they try to take alcohol. Hence, items which can make one feel like adult is more used by teenagers. Often, it has been seem that teenagers try to imitate their parents and their habits. So when parents consume alcohol, they show an interest to consume alcohol.


Teenagers in order to let out their frustration try to take into chemicals, such as drugs or alcohol. Often, the substance that one is taking can help a person to feel more happy and energized. Thus, letting out frustration becomes easy.


Teens that get bored very easily or wants to be occupied with something, becomes the important candidate substance abuse. Alcohol treatment centres tries to point that by taking these substances can easily a teenager to fill their void.


Another important issue which has been pointed out by teenagers is that by taking drugs or alcohol, it can help one to feel happy for short-period of time. The fulfillment that one gets to enjoy is something which can’t be obtained from any other thing.

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Teens in order to be rebellion choose different kind of chemical substances. They try to choose the items that meet their personality. For instance, one can take alcohol if one wants to behave in a hostile manner. Or, those who want to get high can take LSD.

Lack of Confidence

Alcohol treatment centres points out that many teenagers try to take drugs or alcohol as it helps them to gain a lot of confidence. Teenagers think that they can do anything they want to do.


Mostly teenagers remain ignorant about drugs and alcohol. Only by listening to friends they just start taking the item without knowing it is going to affect their health.

Alcohol treatment centres feels that it is important to educate teenagers about harmful effects of drug or alcohol abuse. Only then a teenager can lead a good life. Consult with one of the top detox centers – Neworld Medical Detox –  located in Ontario now!